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Very nice couple today hired me to refinish this 1950's cast iron bathtub in Dallas, Tx. It will be ready to use at 7am tomorrow!

Bathtub and Tile Refinishing Sale Dallas TX

Mar 5, 2019 – Mar 31, 2019

Bathtub and Tile Refinishing Sale Dallas TX. This shower's grout started leaking and caused the closet and bedroom to flood.

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Before photo. What a great young couple I had the honor of working for today! Bathtub refinishing in Dallas TX


Bathtub Refinishing Sale

Feb 4, 2019 – Feb 28, 2019

8 year warranty included! Weekend and Evening Appointments open! No Gimmick Pricing! No Up selling! No GAMES! Bathtub, Shower, Tile, Shower pan refinishing and resurfacing - Click Learn More!

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Bathtub Refinishing Sale February 2019. Warranty included! Bathtub, shower and tile refinishing prices and frequently asked questions can be found on my site by clicking learn more! Bathtub refinishing is sometimes called resurfacing or reglazing can be a permanent solution with a 20 + year life ...

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Garden style bathtub refinished for a very sweet lady in Dallas. The day goes great when the customer is excited to see the finished product and these people were so nice to me while I was in their home! I just charged this one as the same price as a standard size tub with an 8 year warranty incl...

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I was blessed with working for extremely nice people today in Sachse,TX. [Learn More To See My Price List]
Includes etching the old surface with a spun fiber disc rotating at over 2600 RPM. (dangerous acids are never used) Silane is a molecular bonding agent that chemically welds and integrates t...

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This tub had been refinished without the Silane molecular bonding agent beneath the topcoat. Moisture (condensation) formed a huge bubble and ruptured the painted surface. I was honored to work in this gentleman's home and explain what happened then repair it the right way with a warranty includ...

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No peel, No loss of Gloss Warranty

Let me make 2 Promises To You!
  1. Your new surface absolutely will be permanent!
  2. I never use sub contractors or day laborers... I do all work myself!
  • Refinishing something for a picture is easy. Refinishing or resurfacing a fixture with a usable surface that looks great for years to come is a little more difficult.
  • Not all refinishers etch the surface (not with out dated harsh acids, instead a spun fiber disc is used at 2600 R.P.M.) Etching is going to degloss the hard surface and create microscopic scratches and pores so the new surface can bond into the old surface. Not painted on top of the old surface.
  • Silane is a molecular bonding agent developed by the aerospace industry and borrowed from the Dental industry were it is used to bond porcelain and dental repairs. Silane comes in different qualities. An example of this would be adhesion promoters for plastics (low quality silane). 2 part High quality silane works by created a chemical weld between the finish coat and the original surface. When hot water is incorporated during the use of the surface it forms condensation between the new and old coating. High quality Silane is activated by moisture so when the surface is used it becomes even stronger. The quality of silane is reflected in the price and can range from $6.00 to well over $100.00 per container. It will never be seen by the customer so unfortunately most refinishers skip this crucial step. This why I always tell customers refinishing is much more than a specific coating, it is a synergistic process that depends on each step to be correctly completed.
  • At Dallas Bathtub Services all refinishing completed using a synergistic approach. We service local bathtub refinishing in Dallas TX not only bathtub refinishing but also shower, tile, sink, shower pan and shower enclosure refinishing. We refinish porcelain, cultured marble, acrylic, fiberglass, cast iron and steel. All refinishing is completed using a synergistic process that includes:
  • etching the old surface to open pores and create microscopic scratches using a spun fiber disk operating at over 2600 RPM
  • High Quality Silane (there are literally hundreds of types ranging from the poorest of quality to the highest) molecular bonding using nano technology bonds on a molecular scale developed by the aerospace Industry.
  •  Top coated with silicone injected copolymer coating (synthetic porcelain) mimics the look and feel of porcelain and gives you a permanent solution without replacing!
  • Shower pan repair and refinishing.
  • Leaking showers and tile can and will be permanently repaired in most cases!
To learn the differences between bathtub painting versus bathtub refinishing also known as bathtub resurfacing and bathtub reglazing please see my website with information, before and after pictures, before and after videos and my full price list.
  • Your old bathtub, tile, shower, shower pan or vanity will look new again! Without the major construction work of removing the old! Why replace? Let's make the old look new again!!

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